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What is ear beauty treatment salon?
  耳掃除 イヤーエステ 耳垢 耳かき 千葉 | 日本 | イヤーエステサロン Villalo~ヴィラロ~

~ Healing ear cleaning ~

You clean while transferred to a monitor using a special camera that ear scope through the ear. It is safe and secure because you can see it with your own eyes.

It's refreshing to see where the inside of your ears is getting cleaner!

Gently clean the earwax with a cotton swab while soaking it in a liquid called earwax water.

Customers who feel comfortable and fall asleep while cleaning their ears often ...

The reason for coming to the store

● Is the usual way of cleaning your ears correct?

● I'm worried about itching and rustling

● I want to see inside my ears

● I want to be healed

● I don't want to clean my ears myself, my family doesn't do it

And so on.

No need to change clothes or remove makeup.

It is used by a wide range of customers regardless of gender or age.

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